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Shelly has been a driving force in transforming client visions into reality for nearly two decades. With expertise spanning dynamic marketing campaigns, the written word, and diverse design mediums, thus she brings creativity to life in various forms. She is a solution finder and enjoys taking complex information and turning it into simple and beautiful designs.

As our Creative Director, Shelly serves as the visual storyteller who steers the ship, responsible for shaping the overall vision, direction, and execution of creative strategies and content. Leading a cross-functional team of in-house and contracted creative professionals, she guides developers, designers, videographers, and photographers. Together, they collaboratively bring messages, ideas, and concepts to life in a visually compelling manner.

Shelly’s prowess lies not only in her ability to design aesthetically pleasing materials but also in her role as a solution finder. She thrives on taking complex information and transforming it into simple, beautiful designs. It’s not just about art; it’s about clear communication.

Shelly’s evolution from Marketing Manager to business owner brings a unique perspective and skills, enhancing our team’s agility and robustness. With strategic thinking and an innate grasp of the delicate balance between art and communication, Shelly consistently creates impactful, persuasive work.

Previously Shelly held various creative design leadership positions at a demand side management and energy efficiency consultancy for nearly 9 years. As the owner at Dolbeer Designs she transformed diverse client needs, including revamping the Mulder Consulting website in 2023.


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