25%. Do you know what that represents? Me. I’m included in that number.

Out of the entire energy workforce, only 25% of us are women, compared with 48 percent of all jobs nationally.


Table Source “Women, Black, and Hispanic/Latino Workers Underrepresented in US Clean Energy,” Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2), September 9, 2021.

When I left my desk job last year (aka this amazing women-owned business: ILLUME Advising, LLC), I left with a fiery duty to make sure that more women—and their incredible voices and experiences—were included and heard loud and clear in this industry.

It was a leap of faith and one that I’m fully enjoying while partnering with fantastic companies marketing energy efficiency the right way. Using real customer insights to make decisions about how marketing should be done.

I’m so encouraged by what I’ve seen, that I even decided to push out of my own comfort zone and not just tell you about it, but show you.


Here at Mulder Consulting, we’re built on both experience and challenging how things have always been done to collaboratively create custom marketing solutions.

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